Tuesday, April 18, 2006

By Request - The Answers

By request, I bring you details about my My First Spring Weekend post. Below you'll see the original picture I posted, but enlarged. I circled the three sets of tracks.

1. Squirrel - When I first saw these tracks I was a little confused because they are pretty wide apart and also pretty far from the water to be a squirrel. But, if you picture what a squirrel would look like if it were laying down and stretching to get water it makes sense. It would naturally spread it's legs apart wider for balance. Imagine how your hands are when you're doing a pushup.

2. Chipmunk - At the bottom are four really well defined chipmunk tracks. On top is another set of tracks going the opposite way. There may also be some mouse tracks in there.

3. Mouse - Mice leave little star shaped tracks. Cute, ain't they?

Also, I give you the profile picture of my obsidian point. I think I was able to get it pretty thin. It might not be a 10/1 width/thickness ratio, but it ain't bad.

Also notice how well groomed my fingernails are. :)

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