Monday, September 18, 2006

My New Arrow

Over the weekend I fletched my first arrow. Besides a little glue, everything on the arrow is natural. The shaft is Autumn Olive. It is one of three my brother sent me from the D.C. area. It is an invasive species there that outcompetes other native plants and trees.

The feathers are from a turkey. I used elk and emu leg sinew to bind the feathers to the shaft. The dark brown substance near the middle of the picture is pitch which is mostly made of tree sap. I used it to prevent the sinew from unraveling. I burnt in rings around the shaft for style and so the whole shaft wasn't so bright. I have yet to haft a point into it. I shot it and it was pretty accurate so far.

This is the finished bark cordage that I wrote about in my earlier post. You may notice that the cordage is thicker than the picture in my earlier post. I ended up reverse wrapping it all again, which basically doubled the thickness and halved the length. This was necessary because it was too thin to be much good and I didn't do a very good job of keeping the strands of even thickness. This is now a little over 22 feet of 1/4 in rope. I'm amazed at how much I got out of the materials I gathered.


fooiemcgoo said...

that is really kinda awesome. do you have to use feathers for fletching? can you use other light substances like wood or something?

sorry for always breaking your arrows. I am a bad shot.

Anonymous said...

cool arrow dude. How about a close-up of the fletch? Your rope is good. Consider oiling it lightly to make it last, or oil it heavily to wrap it on a stick for a torch.


fooiemcgoo said...

dude! torches!

in the goonies and movies like the goonies, they always just use some peice of cloth they found.

chunk was the best character.

Sassmouth said...

In a survival situation you could use pine needles or leaves. You would want it to be a very light weight thing whatever you use. The key is that it keeps the nock end from getting ahead of the point end. To that end, it doesn't really matter what the fletch looks like as long as the material is somewhat evenly spaced around the arrow. What you will run into with using different materials is the sound in flight will be louder which the quarry may hear. When I first shot this arrow, the feathers weren't trimmed so short. The sound was pretty loud though so I trimmed them down more. It is probably less stable, but not as loud.

Sassmouth said...

I did have a close up pic, but I didn't post it. I'll post one of my newer arrow. I will oil my rope. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to burn it after the time I took to make it!

I liked the Fratelli brother that always sung opera music like when they caught Chunk on the highway trying to escape. He didn't even say anything. He just sang opera.

fooiemcgoo said...

lol! that was funny! very creepy.

I think you meant to say this:

I'm NOT going to burn it after the time I took to make it!