Monday, September 25, 2006

Arrow Fletching Close Up

I fletched another arrow tonight. I think it is twice as good as my first two. My brother told me to try peeling the feathers instead of splitting them with a knife. It definitely made the feathers nicer to work with and took a lot less time to prepare them. A peeled feather has little to no quill which makes it less bulky and hopefully less noisy in flight.

I've been practicing shooting in preparation for the hunt. I have some rifle targets that have 8 inch diameter black circles in the center. This is the approximate size of the vitals of a deer. I've been practicing hitting within the circle from various distances, positions and with various arrows. So far I'm best from the sitting position. I like this position because it is comfortable, stable and I think it will be easier to stay hidden.


fooiemcgoo said...

i hope you bag a deer so i can feast on his brains and gain his knowledge and power.

good fletching dude. i can't wait to break it!

pinger said...

nice fletch
Next trick will be to use less or thinner sinew to do the spiral wrap. Less sinew = less noise. Kaczor splits it to a single strand. I don't have much luck with it.
What shaft? Split Hickory?

Check my weekend story at:

Sassmouth said...

The brains will be used for tanning the hide, but I'll give you the liver. Also, I'll be hunting does exclusively.

Sassmouth said...

I'll definitely go for the thinner sinew approach on my next arrow. The shaft is one of Kaczor's rejects. You thought it might be honeysuckle. I'll probably do the hickory ones next.

Good weekend story. You should put this on a blog too.

fooiemcgoo said...

why just does? that is sexist, you creep.

Bleach n Sheets said...

Where are you mike?!?!

I need to know if you have shot a deer in the face yet.