Monday, September 11, 2006

Beer Olympics 2006

Saturday I went to the Beer Olympics. This is the sixth one I've been to. The first one I went to was way back when I was working at a camp in the summer of 97. In college I hosted one each of my two senior years. I passed the torch to some other guys that hosted it the following year. Last year my coworker and friend Diane mentioned to me that she was going to have one. I gladly shared my knowledge.

This was my team, The Four Nicators (actually five of us). From left to right (Me, Lauren, Brian, Steven, Kristin) Notice the beer stained shirts. That's not sweat. We ended up getting second place overall and could've won had some things gone our way.

This is all the people from work that participated (Craig, Me, Diane, Kristin, Brian, Jamieson)

This picture is from the Keg Stand Relay event. My team got third place.

Here are all the participants. Each team member had a colored buff to wear.


Bleach n Sheets said...

Looks like good times man. Imagine the Whiskey Olympics.

Bean said...


Please tell me more about the beer olympics. What events were there?

Sassmouth said...

The events where:

1. Flip(py) Cup tournament
2. (empty) Keg Toss
3. Dizzy Bat Relay
4. Tag Team Chug
5. Keg Stand Relay
6. Drunk Waitress Relay

The keg toss is a non-drinking event. In the past it's always been a women only event to make up for the men doing most of the drinking, but this year men got to throw too.

In the dizzy bat relay, you spin around the bat and then run to a table, chug a beer and then run back. It's always really funny to watch people fall down.

In the tag team chug your team races to chug a pitcher of beer. You can pass it off to other members as many times as you want.

The keg stand relay is just the total time of your teammate's keg stands. Usually at least one women has to participate.

The drunken waitress relay is a race where you carry a tray to a table of beers. You chug one and put it on the tray and race back and then the next person carries the tray back to the table, now with one empty cup. They chug and then carry back the two empty cups. It continues until all the cups are empty or all the team members have gone.

If you look closely in the background of the second picture, you can see the scoreboard.

Thanks for reading!