Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Family Reunion

For Memorial Day weekend, my extended family met in Wisconsin for a family reunion. My mother has eight siblings giving me 30+ cousins. Many of them have their own children now so all in all there were a lot of relatives there. My sister and her husband hosted the gathering at the Mount Tabor Center that they run. It is a retreat center for Catholic groups. We ate, slept and socialized there as well as spending time at my sister's house 3 miles away.

There were a million things going on over the weekend including volleyball, swimming, fishing, golfing, a water balloon fight, a slip-n-slide, a piniata, a zipline, a bounce house, a campfire with S'mores, movies, poker, a fort made of cushions and furniture and fireworks.

I have pictures of all of these but there are too many to post here so I'll pick some of my favorites.

Here is my cousin Laura's son Benjamin on the zipline. It was probably about 40 yrds long. In the background you can see the bounce house we rented and behind that is my sister's house.

My cousin Julie's son Jesse on the double slip-n-slide. Here he's in the flying squirrel position my brother taught him.

Cousin Tori whacking the pinata. My mom and nieces made the pinata themselves.


fooiemcgoo said...

nice family. looks like a big affair, more of a small carnival then anything.

family fun is important.

i am disspointed you didn't do something glamerous in the group picture.

squirreleeze said...

How do you make a fort out of fireworks? Do they teach that in tracker school? We missed you this weekend. Hopefully I will see you at Rough River sometime this summer.