Wednesday, May 24, 2006

By Request, I Give You Jim

I don't know the full story of Jim, but I'll tell you what I know and my fellow bowman can add comments. Jim parked his magic truck next to our group's camp area. We shared a firepit with him. The funny thing was that he seemed to have everything you could imagine in his truck. It was funny because someone would say, "I wish I had some sausage" and he would say, "I got some sausage in my truck." He came by himself and yet he had like 30 paper bowls and a box of plastic forks. We could rely on him for anything.

We invited him to shoot with us Saturday. He turned out to be a ringer. Sunday morning he bought himself a Robin Hood hat perhaps encouraged by our awe of his shooting skills. The Robin Hood hat didn't seem to help him when we shot Sunday. He wasn't as good with it on.


Pinger said...

Excellent post. My fondest memory of Jim, aside from him talking about the government taxing his property, was his accent. For example, "Up there", was said more like, "Up air", but one word, "Up'air".


I'm upset we didn't document the Teddy Roosevelt sighting - Bully!!

Anonymous said...

Jim was a true pimp. Well traveled and full of knowledge. He knew plants quite well and even cooked up some nice polk shoots for me and my buddy Matt. This added to already tasty venison back strap steaks cooked on to soap stone griddle. Which by the way my fellow shooters turned down the the goods to go eat at a sushi bar(whatever). It turned out that jim used to hang with this guy Euell Gibbons. Jim said " he taught me every thing I know, I even think he wrote a couple of books." Only a true pimp can wear that hat.