Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Urban Scout Class: Sign me up!

Today I received a wonderous phone call! I was informed that I was enrolled in the Urban Scout Class in June. For those who don't know, last summer I went to the Scout class at the Tracker School. A link to the school web page is on my main page. Here is the class description:

This course recreates the Apache Scout experience and gives participants an opportunity to live as the Scout did, travelling away from his tribe, with few tools and equipment, gathering information from tracks and sign, and hiding from his enemies. This is a true high adventure experience that teaches participants to survive and observe as did the Apache Scout - the greatest survivalist of all.

Here is a picture of my group camoed up before a raid. I'm bottom right and my brother is bottom left. It was one of the greatest classes I've been to.

What makes the Urban Scout so special is that this summer is the first time they're doing the class. That means that I could be in a class with people that have been through the advanced and expert levels which are invite only. It's also likely that this class won't be held again for a few years and possibly never. Of course the topic also makes it special and hopefully more applicable to everyday life. Here's the class description:

The Urban Scout course is intended to cover the application of the traditional Scout skills, techniques, principles and teachings toward our modern day lifestyles. We will work (play) with in the variations of information gathering, teamwork and invisibility applied to the everyday modern world.

The bottom line is you don't get many chances in life to spend a week with a group of people going on raids and missions. I can't wait till June.


fooiemcgoo said...

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Bleach n Sheets said...

I am happy for you. I am sure you couldn't hvae got a better phone call.

Tater said...

I'd love to know how it went. I love Tom Brown Jr's books and have considered saving up for his Tracker School myself.

Sassmouth said...

@Tater: My experience at the Tracker School has been great. They pack so much into each day. You'll feel overwhelmed with how much you've learned and how many things you'll want to work on when you get home. You'll have to take the Standard and Scout class before you can take the Urban Scout class if that is what you are interested. Scout class is really, really fun.