Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dehydrated Eggs

Sometimes I have more eggs than I can deal with. It's a good problem to have. When I can't get rid of them at work, I've started dehydrating them. Basically I just scramble them up and poor them out onto wax paper on the dehydrator trays. It can be tricky putting the trays in without spilling egg.

This is what it looks like after it's dehydrated.

The dried egg flakes off the wax paper easily. I next add it all into the food processor. This chops it up into little crumbles. This is where I stop. Using a mortise and pestle I was able to grind it further into a powder. The egg still caked together though, at least in the humidity of the Pacific Northwest. It's not really worth the extra effort to try to make powdered eggs.

It's pretty simple to cook them with a little water. They don't transform back into a nice scrambled egg consistency. Instead each little crumble hydrates and keeps it's form. They taste just like normal eggs, but the form they are in is strange.

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Anonymous said...

Yessss. now just dry out some cheese and put a pinch between your teeth and gums.