Monday, January 26, 2009

Obsidian Spear

A couple posts ago, I showed the spear point I finished and talked about the spear shaft I harvested. Over the past weekend I finally put it all together. The shaft dried out nicely with no cracks and the bottom end straightened out like I planned. Pictured below is the finished product.

To prepare the shaft I removed the bark and smoothed the whole thing with a draw knife. I removed wood to make the diameter comfortable for my hand and shaved down knots till they were smooth. I then sanded the whole thing. After cutting out a deep notch I stained the wood with black walnut dye. To add some style I scorched in some black bands using a heat gun. This could have been done with open flame as well but a heat gun makes it easier. I used a piece of soda can to cover the places I didn't want to scorch which gave me pretty nice straight lines. Finally, I rubbed in some rendered fat to moisturize the wood.

Hafting in the point was pretty easy. I used my trusty pitch mixture of 50% pine sap and 50% ground up charcoal to seat the point in firmly. To secure it more I then wrapped it with sinew. Finally, I coated the sinew with hide glue to make it water resistant.

What will I use this for you might ask. Probably nothing. Some day maybe I'll hunt with it. It's also handy in case of a home invasion.

How'd you like that comin atcha!


Anonymous said...

Nice, Mike. About five feet long?

Sassmouth said...

Thanks, it's actually about six feet long.

Anonymous said...

hide glue to waterproof?

hide glue is water soluble sucka!

fooiemcgoo said...

will that point stay in there?

say, if you were to stick that in an in an animal? if so, that is pretty neat.

the last picture was pretty cool. please put that in your cubical at work with some menacing text like "stay out of my desk drawer". And also, bring the spea to work and prop it against the wall, so they know you mean business.