Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Time in the Mojave

How lucky I am to be interning in the Mojave this year. Weeks ago I heard that do to the relatively copious amount of rain this winter that the flower bloom should be the greatest in 5 or more years. My crew and I got to experience the bloom for 5 days of hiking last week. I took pictures of many of the 30-40 flower species I saw.

Hairy Sand Verbena

A type of Phacelia

Various flowers including a few types of primrose and Hairy Sand Verbena

Desert Dandelion

Yellow Cups

Purple Mat and Cooper Goldflower

On one of our hikes I came across these awesomely huge yucca plants that I'd never seen before.

Giant Nolina (approximately 12 feet tall)

Giant Nolina

The hibernating creatures have also started to emerge from hiding. I also almost stepped on a snake while hiking. He was out sunning himself and didn't notice me. It wasn't a rattlesnake thankfully. It was just a little guy that I haven't identified. It's definitely an exciting time in the desert!

5 comments: said...

So beautiful, like a breath of fresh air. By the pictures it looks silent, away from the sounds of running motors (which is now rare in much of this country). A place where you can rejuvenate and find peace. A great place to explore.

It seems odd to see pictures of fresh growing flowers after the long winter. Well, actually its still winter in my neck of the woods, -2F yesterday. But heard tell spring is around the corner and your wonderful pictures prove it.

AP said...

sweet pics yo.
Grammar Nazi recommends, "due to"

fooiemcgoo said...

please bribg some springtime to Indiana.

I am glad you can experience the good climate out there.

Valerie said...

Mikey!!! I wish I was there! The desert looks so beautiful. This is the first time I've visited your blog, I think. I'll come more regularly. You are really living the life. Miss you!

Sassmouth said...

Welcome to my blog Val. It's good to hear from you.