Monday, October 08, 2007

New rocks and points

On my way out to California, I stopped at my uncle Wayne's house in St. Louis. He hooked me up with some nice flintknapping material not to mention dinner and a bed for the night.

I sawed off one antler tine to make a pressure flaker which I'll try out soon. Below the antlers to the right are three hammer stones. The rest are various rocks for making points. I believe the bottom left chuck with the red stripe through it is chert. I started working on this chunk the last couple days.

It is an absolutely gorgeous rock. It is pure white and looks like chalk. I hammered out a pretty nice axe shaped piece so far with hopes of making a spear point. I still have some issues to work through on the opposite side of this piece. I haven't knocked all the cortex off yet.

Taking one of the spalls I knocked off, I started making an arrow head as well. I just can't get enough of this beautiful white rock. I find it is pretty easy to work with too. I haven't made any major errors so far on this piece.

Here's another rock I received. I don't know what type it is. I think it is a kind of flint. It looked pretty round and dirty until I made a very nice strike and...

Tada! I cut off a nice arrowhead sized slice to work on.

I'm pretty excited because so far two of my crew mates have asked me to teach them how to flintknap. While teaching Kevin, I worked on a glass bottle bottom. Here is the point I made from a bottle of Negro Modelo.

I'm taking my flintknapping stuff to my 10 day training in the Mojave so hopefully I'll have some more to show after that.


viridari said...

Great stuff! I'd really love to learn how to do this, too.

Mungo said...

What fascinating images - I would love to learn how to flintknap. Nice work!
Mungo Says Bah

Torjus Gaaren said...

Love the point! You are progressing well it seems.

Sassmouth said...

Thanks everyone. The small white arrow head didn't turn out as I'd hoped, but the large biface is still intact right now.

Jonathan said...

As a Primitive Archery guy, flintknapping has always been fascinating. I'm fortunate enough to have stumbled across someone locally who knaps.