Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holiday Time

I had a great holiday with my family despite catching a cold. I ended my 2-year streak without sickness. :( My brother and I took our niece and nephew out shooting one day. He made a kid's bow a couple years ago that they both shared. It was pretty cool teaching them the proper technique.

Madeline picked it up pretty well and was able to shoot a couple arrows 30+ yards which is probably close to the bow's max range.

On our little journey we took them by a patch of cattails. Over Thanksgiving we took our nieces Natasha and Brianna by the same spot. The game is to grab the sausage head of the cattail and throw it at someone. The closer you are the better because it explodes into a cloud of fluffy seeds once you release it. By the time we were done, we had seeds all over our clothes. It's also a good way to reseed the area.

A few days after Christmas we went out shooting again. This time we took some of our friends. We had both a long and short distance shoot. The short distance shoot is pretty fun. The idea is to shoot at full draw straight up and see how close to you you can land the arrow. Part of the fun is that it is dangerous and stupid to do, but we've never had an arrow land closer than 15 yards so we're not too worried about it. As long as you keep your eye on the arrow, you're safe.

Here is my friend Steve shooting with my roommate Derik looking on.

My brother got me a Nicholson rasp for Christmas. He made the beautiful handle himself out of Osage. It's a little crooked, but it doesn't affect the performance negatively. This rasp is many times better than the one I was using before. I've been using it on the new bow I've been working on which I'll be writing about soon.

He also gave me two deer hides to tan. This is great because I've never tanned a hide before and have been wanting to learn for a long time. Chances are I won't get to them till the Spring when it is nice out, but you never know with global warming it may be nice out all winter.

I'd also like to acknowledge that I've been blogging now for over a year. I'm happy I started documenting my projects. I hope to keep it up as I delve into more skills.


fooiemcgoo said...

good blog.

I don't know what else to say about it.

Urban Scout said...

Hey man, just want to say I love the site. I will be looking forward to learning from and sharing with you.

sten said...

I live in the uk and i'm intersested in tracker/outdoor skills too. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Your craft skills are very good and you deserve congratulations for getting so close to that deer, no mean feat!
thanks for making the effort to publish your adventures and exploits.

Sassmouth said...

Urban Scout, Sten,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been busy lately with work, but I expect to be posting more frequently in the future.