Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fallen Oak

My friend Chad's Oak tree fell down last week. Luckily it fell the way it did. It could have as easily fallen on his house.

This was a good opportunity for me scavenge some wood. I didn't hear about it till the day the wood cutters came to chop it up so I couldn't get as much from it as I wanted. By the time I got there, only big pieces were left. I didn't have the chance to get wood for bows, baskets, throwing sticks, ax handles, etc., but I have some pieces to make bowls.

I sealed the ends of the wood with paint primer so that it doesn't dry rapidly and crack. Sealing the ends makes it dry through the bark more naturally. Once it's dried, I'll use coals to burn the wood away until I have a bowl. With a wooden bowl you can boil water/food by dropping in heated rocks.


fooiemcgoo said...

my sister had something similar happen. I am not sure if it fell on any shacks or outhouses.

now i am building a liquor cabinet out of that wood.

Let's both be pleased with one another for being so resourceful and conservative with our friends, the trees.

Bleach said...

We have some big oaks like that outside of our house. I am pretty sure they will kill me one day. Especially after the dream I had last night about tornados. Anyway... Even if they kill me, you may still use the wood.

torjusgaaren said...

I have never done it myself. Wouldn't burning a bowl like that take a very long time?

Sassmouth said...

Welcome torjusgaaren, I'll have to check out your blog. It looks a lot like mine.

To answer your question, I don't know yet. I've never burned a bowl as big as the pieces of wood I showed in the picture. I burned a small bowl for eating with at the Tracker School class where I learned about it. It didn't take too long. It helps if it is windy out so the wood burns faster. Ideally, you let the wind feed the coals as you work on something else. You don't have devote all of your attention to it.