Thursday, August 10, 2006

Green Arrow Head

Unfortunately I didn't get to demonstrate a bow drill fire for the kids at Camp Delafield because it rained the night they were supposed to have their campfire. I did a fair amount of practicing for it though. I always learn something new when I practice the bow drill. This past time I was struggling to get a coal. As I was churning away my handhold started smoking. Apparently the lubricant had worn out. Once I applied some soap to the handhold, I busted out a coal quickly since the movement was so much smoother.

I've recently been working on flintknapping. I need to make some primitive arrows for a hunting class I'm taking at the end of October. So I figured I start with making the arrow heads. So far I haven't made any arrow heads out of the obsidian rock I have, but I did make one out of some fiber optic glass. I'm still working on notching. These notches aren't very good.


Pinger said...

but good symmetry!

fooiemcgoo said...


the notch looks good to me. try not to beat yoruself up.