Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Skill: Nail Arrow

Alright, so you heard me gripe about breaking arrows. Tonight I repaired one of them. Here's the story. Two days ago I was reading a book of mine called "Making Indian Bows And Arrows The Old Way" when I saw a picture of an arrow that had a nail as its tip. I thought it was pretty dope so I decided to make one with one of my busted arrows.

It was actually very simple. The first thing I did was drill a whole in the shaft.

Sorry for the out of focus picture.

After that, I prepared the nail by sawing it in half and filing down the non-pointy side so it would fit into the hole.

On top is an original nail and the bottom right is the finished tip.

Then I inserted the nail and wrapped it all up with artificial sinew. This will keep the nail from splitting the shaft or coming out. The last thing I did was put some beeswax over the sinew to keep it from unraveling.

I shot the arrow a couple times and it is pretty nice. It is definitely heavier at the tip then a normal hollow tip. I'm not sure yet how the arrow will handle on a longer distance shot. I'll probably make some more of these at a shorter length. Shooting it is kind of like shooting a nail gun, except this baby can go about 200 yards.

My bow is still coming along. I'll probably have another post about that soon.


fooiemcgoo said...

super sweet.
what were those tracks?

Anonymous said...

Try drilling a hole into the dowel rod, putting a screw into it, then file the wood and screw to a point. Should be able to withstand higher impact. That's what I will be using for my homemade compound crossbow.